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Buying Drugs Online

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Internet drug dealers sell drugs to children by advertising it as candy. Kids can easily buy addictive prescription, street or over-the-counter drugs online. All they need is access to a parent’s credit card that may be stored on the computer.

Access to drugs over the Internet is a fairly new phenomenon and laws and regulations have yet to catch up with it. But even with laws in place, parents need to make sure their kids are safe from online drug dealers and sites that sell prescription drugs.

What parents should know:

You can’t depend on monitoring software to catch this.

  • Drugs often arrive in unmarked packages. Don’t let your child open a mailed package without you.
  • It’s not always a street drug. Many websites explain how to get high off cough medicine. Monitor your child’s Internet use by checking your computer's history.
  • Follow the Beehive’s guide to keeping kids safe online.
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These are hard times to be a parent, it is almost impossible to keep your kid away from all the dangers out there... When it come to teenagers particularly I am not sure which is the best way to act, they tend to do the exact opposite of what you are saying, they wan to experience new things and they are easily influenced by their friends. Even though you check your kids mail and browser history the chances are that he or she is using somebody else computer to obtain such drugs... I think the best way to deal with this problem is to tell them about drugs risks in such a manor that they will take the right decision by themselves. Visiting drug rehab centers such as Narconon might be a good way to accomplish that.

Oh, parents should do something, they should also monitor their children if they have something that is suspicious. And yes if there is something might delivered in your house which you don't expect and you don't even order, check it before it is too late. Many people now are engage with illegal drugs that we all know that it is very harmful to our children. So mom,dad, before anything else happen do what we all know that would be a helpful.,at least we know now that on line is here now to destruct our children concentration.